Spirit Vision Studios

A Dedication to Our Teachers and Elders

"Our work and service comes from the dedication, trust, and love from those who have gone before us, who have lived from the guidance of Spirit and have allowed us to tag along, teaching us exactly what is demanded of those who follow them and showing us the true meaning of grace, kindness, forgiveness and respect.I honor them here with my love for all they have given us and to all who will follow after us."

Carolyn Gray

All My Relations


Even though Carolyn was raised in the south, she has lived in the southwest for over twenty years. Both environments have contributed to her artistic growth, providing a rich heritage that can be seen in her love for diverse cultures and people, as well as nature, color and design.

Carolyn has a Bachelors of Visual Arts from Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia and a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona. She has done continual study in art therapy and with noted portrait artist, Roberta Carter Clark.

She has taught art for most of her life, and includes - Sedona Art Center, Yavapai College, University of Arizona, Pima Community College, Tucson Association for the Blind, and public school, teaching English, as well.

A life of service has been her life’s priority, which has been evident through teaching; and now, she choses to present the beauty of the Native American path, honoring those traditions. Her work incorporates the direction from Spirit, presenting combinations of dreams, visions, animals, and symbols. Working in this way has become a new and exciting avenue for Carolyn.

Besides her visionary art, Carolyn has done realistic portraits of individuals with their animal totems and spirit guides. Her portrait work has been done in Scottsdale, Bisbee and Sedona, Arizona; Atlanta, Georgia; Carmel and San Jose, California.

She is available for art workshops, as well as custom portraits, which are done by appointment.